Adventures & Experiences

from € 45
Mountaincart XL

Racy downhill run from the mountain summit into the valley – experience speed and fun without motor.

from € 6
Visit to the GailtalBauer: Show Dairy and farm tour

Informative guided tours of the modern farm and show dairy.

from € 10.8
Loncium – beer sampling

Technical demonstration of the making of beer, explanation of various types of beer, sampling of all available types of beer, guided tour of the brewery.

from € 5
Visit to the beekeepern Kronhofer

"From the hive to the jar“ - insights into an open beehive, followed by honey sampling, small honey gift, guided tour.

A family visits a show dairy at Nassfeld
from € 3
Visit to the Show Dairy of the Tressdorfer Alm

Watch the cheese master and discover how the Gailtal Valley Alpine Cheese is made!

from € 30
Herwig Ertl's “Small but celebrated delights“

Enjoy, taste and discover the philosophy of Herwig Ertl!

from € 45
Guided Wulfenia walk

Guided walk to the rare and protected Wulfenia flower with stop on the Watschiger Alm (mid-June to end of June)

Visitors' centre
from € 6
GeoPark Carnic Alps

Selected fossils and stones, interactive animations and film presentations about 500 million years of Earth’s history.

from € 3.5
Visit to the Gailtal Valley Local History Museum - Schloss Möderndorf

Boasting over 5.000 exhibits of the unique Georg Esel Collection.

from € 3.5
Gitschtal Valley Arts & Crafts Museum

Guided tour with show smithy, forging, history of the smithy - experience live forging and straightening of a tool, from start to finish.

from € 25.5
Rafting on the Gail river

Enjoy the beautiful landscape from the river perspective in two-men boats together with your friends.